Regardless of what your role is… nurse, doctor, technician, teacher, chef, or any other profession that requires spending the majority of the day on your feet, your shoes can have a tremendous influence on how you do your job.  The long shifts require extended periods of standing and walking, making the need for performance footwear just as important as any piece of equipment.  Choosing the wrong work shoe can leave your feet aching and, in the long run, may end up doing more damage.

In the spirit of keeping comfortable those who spend extended periods of time standing and walking, we’re sharing a few things to look for when shopping for high quality shoes for the working professional.

High Quality Comfort Work Shoes

Comfort and Support All Day Long

Just as every person is unique in their needs, so too are the support and orthotic needs of each pair of feet.  Today’s most popular performance shoes are available with a variety of support options, ranging from removable insoles and shock absorbing heels, to arch support for low arches and stability for plantar fasciitis.  If you’re unsure of which style best suits your needs, it’s strongly advised to do an in-store analysis or have your feet scanned.  Ultimately, this will help you find the perfect pair.

Slip Resistance for Confident Footing

On the job, a person needs to be as surefooted as they are comfortable, though many traditional shoes are not designed to prevent slips.  Investing in a pair of high performance shoes is a smart move, as brands like Dansko, Birkenstock, and NurseMates have specifically designed certain products with slip resistance soles that provide a more confident grip.

Versatility in Any Setting

Working professionals actually do have a life outside of the workplace.  And let’s face it, sometimes lugging around multiple pairs of shoes can be a real chore.  Fortunately, not all of today’s occupational shoes look like they belong in hospitals, kitchens, or classrooms.  In fact, they’re getting more and more stylish as the need for mixed-setting usage presents itself.  Performance work shoes are now available in a diverse selection of colors, patterns, styles, heel designs and more; all with no compromise to the support and durability they offer.

Shop for Performance Occupational Shoes Online or in Rochester NY

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