123 Shoes is excited to announce that we’re now selling Alegria Bluetooth Traq Shoes in our retail shoe store in Rochester NY!  These innovative Bluetooth-connected sneakers are more than just stylish and super comfortable, they’re also teeming with technology designed to help you stay active and accomplish your fitness or weight loss goals.

Whether you’re seeking a fun new way to get more physically fit, or just love the idea of incorporating Bluetooth sneakers into your training, 123 Shoes is here to help!

Integrated Bluetooth with Q-chip Technology

Alegria Traq Shoes feature innovative Q-chip Bluetooth connectivity which counts every step you take during the day, making it more fun and rewarding for those looking to increase their daily activity levels.  The chip never needs to be charged, and features a built-in Pedometer that accurately counts steps, distance and other key stats.  The shoes pair effortlessly with the mobile app, allowing you to get the most from your new Bluetooth shoes.

User-friendly App with Online Social Community

Never before have walking shoes been so connected or technologically advanced… and step counting is just the beginning of what you can do with Alegria Traq sneakers.  Download the app to see your progress and step count history, set personalized goals by day, week, month or custom timeframes, and track your daily miles walked.  Join the online social community to connect with online friends, create step-based leaderboard competitions or just engage with other fans and users in the area.

Stylish, Comfortable and Built to Perform

Aside from their connectivity and mobile features, Alegria Traq shoes feature some pretty cool design elements that make them reliable and fun to use.  The Bluetooth and step counting are activated with just a gentle shake of your foot, eliminating the need to gets hands on before you go into step-tracking mode.  They’re made from quality materials and feature a removable foot bed to accommodate unique sizes and contours, while allowing room for stability or custom orthopedic inserts.

Explore Our Full Collection of Alegria Bluetooth Walking Shoes

To learn more about Bluetooth shoes with Q-chip and the Alegria line of performance shoes, get in touch with 123 Shoes by phone at 800-347-6096 or email us and a member of our staff will be happy to help!

For those in the Rochester area interested in learning more about the fitness perks of Bluetooth shoes, be sure to visit our store in East Rochester, New York, and ask for the Alegria Bluetooth Traq Shoes Available at 123 Shoes.